Tomassoni Chisesi Prize

Mercoledì, 26 Settembre, 2018
To honour the memory of Mrs. Caterina Tomassoni and Dr. Felice Pietro Chisesi, the prize is awarded to recognize and encourage outstanding achievements in physics. The prize will be assigned without regard for the nationality of the awardee or the geographical site at which the work was accomplished.
Since 2013, the awards were unified into a single premium. A prize titled "Caterina Tomassoni and Felice Pietro Chisesi Prize" is presented each year on April, at Sapienza University of Rome. The prize consists of Euro 40,000, of an allowance for travel to the awarding ceremony, and of a certificate citing the contributions made by the recipient.
Name of the winners since 2001

Year Chisesi - Tomassoni Tomassoni - Chisesi

Serge Haroche

Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie/Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris 

Premio Nobel 2012

Ignazio Ciufolini

Università del Salento Lecce


Non Assegnato

Non assegnato


Pierre Encrenaz

Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris

Membro Accademie de France dal 2000

Elisa Randall

Harvard University

Cambridge (MA) – USA



Till Kirsten

Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics – Heidelberg 


Federico Capasso

Harvard University - USA


Igor Novikov

University Observatory of Copenhagen

Piero Zucchelli

CERN./Ist. Fisica Nucleare


Wolfgang Goetze

Techincal Univ. of Munich

Savas Dimopolous

Univ. of Houston - USA



Non Assegnato

Non Assegnato


Edward Lorenz

Univ. di Harvard - USA

Gerald Gabrielse

Harvard University

Cambridge (MA) - USA


Gabriele Veneziano

CERN - Ginevra

Thomas W. Ebbesen

Université de Strasbourg - France


Massimo Inguscio

CNR – Roma -

Alex Zunger

University of Colorado

Boulder - USA


Paul L. Richards

University of Berkely – USA


Herbert Spohn

TUM – Munich - Germany


Non assegnato

Non assegnato


Alain Aspect

Institut D'Optique – Ecole Polytechinque - 

Membro dell''Academie de France



Igor Klebanov

University of Princeton (MA) USA


Charles Bennett

J. Hopkins University – Baltimora - USA


Adalberto Giazotto



Fabiola Gianotti

CERN Ginevra


13 September 2018: Fondazione Sapienza - Tomassoni Chisesi Physics Prize
Winner over 40 category:
Prof. Philip Kim (presentation)
Harvard University, USA
For his pioneering experiments on quantum transport in carbon nanotubes and graphene which opened new perspectives in the study of physical properties of materials at the nanoscale. Philip Kim is a world leading scientist in the research on nanoscale materials, 2D single layers, van der Walls heterostructures and low dimensional architectures and provided the groundbreaking observation of the quantum Hall effect in single layer graphene, contemporary to the results obtained by the 2010 Nobel prize winners A. Geim and K. Novoselov.
Winner under 40 category:
Prof. Scott Aaronson (presentation)
University of Texas – Austin- USA
For his strong contribution to define the fundamental limits of quantum computation with a number of pioneering works at the frontier of computational complexity and quantum mechanics.





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